Email Encryption

Email Encryption

We email each and every day. From back and forth emails on your work computer, to quick responses sent from your smartphone or tablet, email is a routine and regular part of your everyday life, especially if you’re part of the business world.

Now, imagine someone gaining access to all of your important emails and using them for nefarious means. All of your personal messages, notes and communications would be exposed and at risk. It’s a terrifying prospect, and one that’s unfortunately common today.

At Apogee Compliance Group Inc., we work to protect your email communications by offering encrypted email service. Through our security measures, your emails stay safe, secure and private, the way they’re meant to.

Who we serve

Anyone who utilizes email communication for business purposes can make use of our email encryption service, however for some industries it’s an absolute must-have:

  • Law firms, who may be emailing sensitive legal information.
  • Doctors, who handle patient-specific medical data.
  • CPAs, who are in possession of critical financial data.
  • Business professionals, who handle a myriad of sensitive data.
  • Politicians, who are subject to the public eye and held accountable for email leaks.

Eventually, any industry transmitting sensitive information will need email encryption in the future if they don’t already have it, since email privacy is such an issue in our modern, evolving world.

What makes us secure?

Because security is of a top-most priority, we spare no expense and cut no corners when it comes to providing end-to-end encryption. Some of our security measures include:

  • SYS Trust-Certified
  • SAS-70 Type 2 Accredited
  • Encrypted read, reply, and save capabilities

Moreover, all of our technologies are available on smartphones and tablets, as well as desktops and laptops, ensuring sound security across all communication platforms. We’re also HIPAA compliant and ARS 44-7501 compliant (in the event of a data breach). Simply put: we’re the standard for email security.

If you’re looking for an encrypted email service that will do right by you and your privacy, consult with Apogee Compliance Group Inc. today by calling 844-385-2772. We’ll put you on the path to peace of mind and cyber security.

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