Data Storage

Data Recovery

When disaster strikes and your networks go down, it’s important you have a backup plan. At Apogee Compliance Group, Inc., as one of the premier cyber security companies, we provide a variety of solutions to our IT clients to ensure their data is constantly available, even after their servers have gone offline. In this way, you are constantly protected from a loss of critical information, even if a worst-case scenario should suddenly arise.

Here are a few of the services we provide to assist you with data storage:

  • Cloud storage: Cloud storage has a variety of benefits over traditional physical server storage. Most importantly, it stores information in a remote, online location, so it can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection and remains online even if the server shuts down. It is also significantly less expensive than having a lot of physical servers.
  • Data backup: Though IT professionals always recommend that business owners (and even normal people who own computers) make regular backups of all of their data, they don’t necessarily always follow through with this task. We make these regular data backups for you so you can always be sure you have access to an extra copy of your information.
  • Data recovery: If your servers go down and you are at risk of losing a lot of important information to your company, we assist with data recovery services, accessing information from your last backup and restoring critical systems so you are able to return to business as usual.

Apogee Compliance Group, Inc. is also proud to be an authorized Datto provider. Datto products and services are among the highest-quality storage and network devices on the market, and through our services, our clients have complete access to them.

For more information about what we have to offer in terms of data recovery, contact Apogee Compliance Group, Inc. today at 844-385-2772.

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